In the Christia…


In the Christian world the Easter weekend is like a spiritual mountain top. The climb starts on Friday as most churches start the weekend off with a Good Friday meal and or a worship service.  This service reminds us of the suffering Jesus did for each and every one of us. It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming. Next comes Saturday. Saturday is usually filled with family time and Easter Egg Hunts of all kinds. We gather together as families or communities and let our kids hunt for thousands of eggs filled with candy and toys. Through all this the Gospel is presented and we just keep climbing the “spiritual mountain”. It’s Saturday, but Sunday is coming. The peak of the “spiritual mountain” comes Sunday morning when church is filled and adults and children alike are hearing the Gospel and celebrating a risen Lord. As a Christian you cannot really ask for more of a spiritual high than that. However, as in life where there are mountains you are sure to find valleys. If you find yourself in one of those valleys have hope. The reason we celebrate Easter should be hope enough that those valleys are just temporary for Christians. Jesus paid the price for your sins and mine and we know that we can look to him and he will draw us out of the valley and back to him if we just allow him to.  Are you in a “spiritual valley” this week? If so let me pray for you as we close.

Dear God, we thank you for both the spiritual mountains and valleys in our lives.  We ask that you will be with us in our highs and lows and draw us closer to you.  Allow us to seek comfort in your nail scared hands. Help us to see that even though we may be in a valley you gave us that hope and forgiveness of our sins that we may not have to stay in these valleys long. I pray for all those who read this. I pray for encouragement and perseverance through tough times. In Jesus name, Amen.  


Are you Eric Newman?

Chances are your name is not Eric Newman, but if you are in Children’s ministry my guess is you have fallen into The Eric Trap. The Eric Trap is the latest book by Jim Wideman’s Infuse groups co authored by Sam Luce and Kenny Conley.  I have had the privilege of meeting these 3 men and can honestly say they are the real deal.

   The Eric Trap follows a week in the life of Eric Newman as he goes through the ups and downs (mainly downs) of the ministry. These ups and downs come from the choices Eric makes about how he is going to handle the responsibility of leading a children’s ministry.  Inevitably he makes some unexpected but common mistakes along the way.  Regardless of whether you have been in the ministry for 3 years or 30 years you to have probably made some of these same mistakes, or like me, you may have made some of these mistakes this week. 

As I read the book I found myself shaking my head and laughing at the same time.  While reading Eric’s Tuesday I found myself saying wow he finally got something right. Boy was I wrong. Every other chapter helps teach the “trap” Eric falls into and how we can avoid falling into the same trap.  After reading chapter 3 I realized I had been caught in some of the same mindsets as Eric when it comes to involving parents.

   It is not all bad for Eric. God has placed key people in his life that love and care for him and want him to succeed. The trouble is he thinks they are all fighting against him instead of seeing that God has placed them in his life to pastor, mentor, and love him through all these traps.  Do you have people God has placed in your life that you need to slow down and listen to? 

   The Eric Trap hits on 5 things we all cannot afford to get wrong.  Visit to check out more information about this awesome book. Also don’t miss the blog tour happening over at

I ask again, are you Eric Newman?

How not to host a community Easter Egg Hunt

Tip # 1: Host your event on private property and don’t get permission from owner.
Tip # 2: Fill your eggs with chocolate candy. You will be sure to have a giant mess on your hands.
Tip # 3: Show up 30 minutes early to hide 1,500 eggs, BY YOURSELF!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend and may all your Eggs be full, but not with chocolate!!